Being the Other Man In a Gay Relationship

Gay men often face the dilemma of being the other man in relationships. This is more than just cheating on a partner, although it can be that as well. The kind of other man that can really turn into a painful situation is that of being in love with a gay man that’s still fully in the closet and married to a woman.

As incredible as it may be, this is something that still happens much more than it should.  Typically, it begins with meeting the man of your dreams in a gay environment, such as a bar, and spending the evening dancing, drinking and talking together. By the end of the evening, he asks for your phone number and you hand it over.

If you ask for his, he’ll probably make up some excuse for not giving it to you. It may sound totally plausible, so it will allay any doubts that you may have initially. This is the first signal that you should NOT ignore. He doesn’t want you calling him in case his wife answers or tends to check his cell phone often.

The next thing that may happen is that when he does call you, it’s not to make a date in the future. He wants you to meet him somewhere right then. The location is probably going to be well out of your local area. He may give you some story about how amazing this restaurant is or something that makes sense to you. Dinner goes pretty well even though it may seem that he keeps glancing around frequently as if he’s watching for someone. This is a sign that he’s nervous that someone will see him with you.

Following dinner, he may be in a hurry to exit the restaurant, but at the same time, he’s a bit amorous. You start to think that he’ll want to go home with you or may even invite you to his place. That doesn’t happen, though. Instead, he suggests a nearby hotel, or worse, he tries to take you parking. This should be setting off all sorts of alarm bells for you.

Hopefully, you’ll question these things before you fall too deeply in love with him. If not, it will only be a matter of time before you find out his true situation in life. When you’re involved romantically with a married man, there are some hard decisions ahead of you unless you can help him become brave enough to open that closet door and step bravely into the light.

If he’s too afraid to give up all the things in his public life, it’s going to be a difficult road for you. He probably DOES love you as much as he says he does, but he lacks the courage to be himself. Unless he has children with his wife, there may be a chance that you can help him to come out. If he does have children, you’ll probably be asked to wait until they graduate from college because he can’t possibly leave until then. Can you deal with being mostly alone until then? It’s a hard choice only you can make.

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Ex Recovery System Review

This program teaches you the psychological tactics you need to employ to get your ex lover back.  You will learn the 7 deadly mistakes you might be making that keep your ex lover away.  Ashley Kay teaches you how to put the power of your relationship back in your court.

Friends with Benefits Relationship

About the Author:

Ashley Kay was in her last year at University majoring in Graphic Design. Not only did her relationship end, she decided that Graphic Design was not what she really wanted to do.  In spite of her pain, she found a new desire – to figure out what she wanted to do with her life.

As a result, she started to read and study relationship dynamics and human psychology.  She eventually found a “secret formula” for winning back love in a book.

She applied what she had learned and added what she felt were the missing ingredients to create a system to help anyone get back their ex lover.

About the Program:

This eBook contains over 130 pages of pure information that you need to get your ex lover back.

The standard package contains the eBook, “The Ex Recovery System” as well as an interactive journal which includes quizzes, exercises, and the key notes you’ll refer to for each section of the eBook.

Optional free access to the “From Break Up to Break Through Coaching Program” which includes 12 weeks of training.

Benefits of Program:

Ashley Kay separates the needs of a woman in a relationship from the needs of a man and helps you realize the critical differences that can make all the difference in the success of your relationship.


There is an eSupport link at the bottom of the sales page for your use.


100% 60-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!


A 3-in-1 bonus that gives you templates for letters, an apology that works if you said something you wish you could take back, and exactly what to say to get your ex to commit to you.

Free Christmas Holiday Special – 1-on-1 Email Consultation With Ashley Kay for a personal diagnosis of your situation.  She will help you devise a personal strategy to get your ex back.  (ends January 1, 2011)


If you’ve been crying every day since your break up, if you just don’t understand why or how it came about, if you are feeling helpless because your ex lover won’t even talk to you and you don’t know what to do or say, or if you just think it’s too late, then this program can help you find the answers you seek.

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Dumped? Tips for Surviving the Ultimate Relationship Fall

It happens.Relationships are fragile things that break for many different reasons.The main thing for you to remember is that if this one didn’t work out, it was for a reason – and that reason is probably that you were not meant to be together.It’s far better that you find that out now rather than somewhere down the road.

Whether it’s only been a short-term relationship, or one that’s lasted more years than you want to count right now, it’s still better that a relationship that’s no longer going anywhere ends and allows you to find someone else who will appreciate you more than your ex has.

Don’t look to place blame.Accept that the relationship has ended because it wasn’t going to work.It may hurt because you’re ex partner found someone else, or that they just don’t see any future with you, but the more time you invest in a relationship that’s not going anywhere, the more time you waste.Even if your ex partner has treated you badly, they’ve done you a favor because now you are free to find someone with whom you can have a future.

Objectively consider the reasons why the relationship didn’t work.If you think that you should have done things differently resolve to change this when you start a relationship with a new partner.Don’t make the same mistakes – even if your only mistake was to be too trusting!

Pamper yourself!Your heart and ego have been bruised in this relationship fall and so you need to administer some tender loving care on them.What raises your spirits?How about some beauty treatments or a makeover?Spend a weekend pursuing an extreme sport you’ve longed to try but didn’t have the opportunity because your ex partner wasn’t interested.Buy yourself something to cheer yourself up.Spend time doing things that you enjoy, especially any that you didn’t do while you were in the relationship with your now ex.

Don’t allow being dumped be an excuse to turn into a recluse.This ex partner didn’t want you.That means he wasn’t worthy of you.You did nothing that necessitates you hiding yourself away!Get out and socialize.Call up friends that you’ve lost contact with, go out and celebrate your new life as a single person!Being single isn’t a crime, it can even help you re-center your life and rediscover things about yourself that you’d forgotten whilst you were busy being half of a couple!

Take time before getting into another relationship.Even if you accept and let go all of the emotion tied up with the broken relationship, you still need to wait a little before getting into a new one.Don’t hook up with the first person who catches your eye.Rebound relationships can work but are usually destined for failure.Set yourself up for relationship success by giving yourself some breathing space as a single person again before putting yourself back into the dating arena.

Being dumped is a bad experience, and often you don’t have any influence over the situation, but what you can influence is your reaction to it.Your ex walked away from your life, don’t let him take that life with him – live it to the full yourself!

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Do you REALLY Want to be a Princess?

There’s been a lot of hype around the newest royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. In the past, there were very strict and rigid rules in place forbidding royalty to ever marry a Commoner. Royal marriages were arranged, and very rarely, was any love involved. The royal couples married and interacted enough to try to produce offspring so there would be true heirs to the throne.

Divorce was unheard of in royal families and, typically, these couples simply went about their separate lives, appearing as a couple when public events were necessary.

You can see the result of such a rather cold existence in the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer, the Duchess of Wales. It was obvious to everyone that Diana was very much in love with her Prince. It’s a shame that he was in love with someone else that he couldn’t have. Had he been allowed to marry the woman of his choosing, things may have turned out quite different.

As for William and Kate, they’ve been together for the better part of 10 years and seem to actually be very much in love with each other. In addition, Kate is 10 years older than Diana was when she married into the royal family and is most likely more well equipped to deal with the pressures that come with being a Duchess and possible future Queen. She seems to be very happy in her new role.

It makes you wonder if she dreamed of growing up to marry a real prince when she was child. This is not an uncommon fantasy. Many little girls pretend that they’re marrying a prince or a king when they’re quite young. They fully believe that nothing else in the world could be as wonderful. However, they might be wrong.

As the wife of Prince William, Kate will never have another truly private moment in her life. Everyone will be watching her to see how she dresses, behaves, walks, wears her hair, and of course, they’ll all be watching her stomach with high anticipation of a new heir or heiress. Everything that Kate does from now on will be scrutinized, praised, criticized and copied. Rumors will start to fly of trouble in paradise with William as well as those of infidelity. These will happen regardless of their validity or not.

Kate may have her handsome Prince and she may truly love him, but in the end, will the pressure of so much public attention erode that love? It’s certainly happened with other royal couples that were lucky enough to marry for love. Of course, Kate will also be answering to the Queen of England so it’s going to be necessary that she dots all her i’s and crosses all of her t’s or she’ll find herself being called on the carpet.

In the end, it probably takes a special personality to live the life of royalty. You must be strong and willing to give up a lot of yourself in the process. Being a princess or a duchess can be hard. Knowing all of this, would you still want to marry a real prince?

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Don’t Forget to Say I Love You

Many men still have problems saying what they feel unless it’s some form of anger that they’re experiencing. This is responsible for many relationship issues because, whether you like it or not, women LIKE hearing that their men care about them. Yes, that’s right, men. You’re going to HAVE to say I love you.

At this moment, you’re most likely protesting loudly that you do things like clean up after yourself, do the laundry, cook meals, and buy her things for those special occasions. In addition, you’re 100 percent faithful and never look at other women. You have a good job and do your part financially. Now, aren’t those things showing your women that you love them? Sure, it does show them. But you still have to SAY it once in a while.

That doesn’t mean that you can just respond with “Me, too” when she says “I love you.” This doesn’t cut it and you’ve probably seen that hurt look on her face more than once. Yes, you know the one and YOU caused it to be there. Does it really take anything away from you to say those three tiny words once in a while? What would you do if she were on her deathbed and said “I love you?” Would you really let her go into the great beyond with nothing from you except a “Me, too?” If you’re even considering that question, shame on you!

For those men among you that feel it’s not “manly” to say “I love you,” think again. Even those men that are huge Nascar fans, hunt for two or three weeks every season, work on cars, indulge in bodybuilding and never miss a single football game of their favorite teams find time to work in the occasional “I love you” to their wives and girlfriends. So what’s wrong with you that you can’t find it within yourself to tell the woman that’s supposed to be the most important person in your life how you feel about her?

It may be that you have intimacy issues that keep you from being able to make yourself that vulnerable to the one person on earth that you should trust the most. She must have been a very patient and understanding woman to be with you even though you never tell her you love her. Think about how much SHE must love YOU if she’s with you in spite of the fact that you don’t say “I love you.” Doesn’t she deserve to hear that from you at least sometimes?

Something else you should consider while you’re making up excuses for why you don’t say those important words is that there ARE men in the world that don’t have your paralysis. They tell their women they love them all the time! If you don’t start stepping up to the plate once in a while, your wife or girlfriend may find a man who WILL say “I love you,” and won’t keep her guessing as to how he feels. If that happens, you may wish you had spoken up.

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The 3 Rules to Follow When You Are in a Friends With Benefits Relationship

These days, we are already breaking too many traditions. One of those is the rampant relationship label called friends with benefits. For two consenting adults, we cannot see anything wrong with it. However, the process that you have to go through can be fun yet complicated. We are all familiar with this type of status that has gone wrong. Check out the rules to follow when you want this kind of relationship.

1. No falling in love

The most common problem when you are into friends with benefits kind of relationship is that someone falls in love. If you want to have a successful stint, make sure that you will not be too attached. It is important that the both of you knows where you stand in the situation. You should not act like boyfriend and girlfriend just because you are hooking up.

Friends with Benefits Relationship

2. Sexual Attraction

The reason why you go through with this kind of set up is for sex. With that being said, it is essential to make sure that the both of you will always have the sexual tension. Dress to seduce and not to impress if you are going out with a special friend so you can always get the benefits.

3. Safe Sex

It is a no brainer. Of course, we always have to practice safe sex. Normal couples do that, what more do you think of people who are just friends with benefits. There is no exclusivity in this kind of situation. It means the both of you can see and hook up with whoever you want. Always use protection to have the guarantee that you will not get STD.

All of us have our free will, and that applies even if we want to have friends with benefits kind of relationship. There is nothing wrong with it, but we just have to make sure that both parties are on the same page.

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The 3 Signs That Will Tell If You Are on a Rebound Relationship

People suffer from break-ups. Some of us even take it the hard way. We cannot blame them because they are feeling hurt. There are even instances that we seek a new relationship for us to get through the pain we are feeling. We all know that being a rebound is not a good thing. Here are some signs that will tell us if we are currently in a rebound kind of relationship.

1. Your partner just recently had a breakup

It is not a one hundred percent sure sign because we still have to give the benefit of the doubt. It’s just that, more often than not people who are hurt have the tendency to go in a new relationship for all the wrong reasons. It’s because they want to get even.

2. Unlimited ex-call-out

If the person you are in a relationship with tells you about his past, it is a good thing because he or she is open to you. What’s bad, is if they cannot stop themselves from mentioning the name of their ex. You will feel that you are there so he can vent out. If you can notice this, it’s time to talk things out, because he or she might have just indulged in an immature relationship just for the sake of vengeance.

3. Too eager in posting pictures of you on social media

Uploading sweet pictures on the different social media applications can be a nice gesture. However, if it is overdone, he or she may have a different purpose for it. It could be that they are still bitter about what happened to the past relationship and just desperately wants to show everyone that they are okay.

Be cautious if you can notice these three signs. Being a rebound is something that can hurt you. It is better to stay away and just wait for the right time once they have moved on.

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The 3 Features That Women Are Looking for In a Man

Let us all be honest with ourselves ladies. Whenever we see a guy, we always check them out based on their physical appearance. It is normal. It is what we see, so we can’t help but notice. Here’s the question. What are the features that are important to women? Let’s check out the features of the men that the ladies can’t help but look.

1. Penis

I am trying, to be honest in here. Come on ladies. Let us not deny the facts that we look into this feature. For some girls, they would say that size matters, but for the others, it is the performance that can make the difference. Whatever reasons there are, one thing is for sure. They check it out.

2. Hair

Women look for the hair of guy because, in the back of their minds, they are already thinking about their preference. It depends on the girl but some like short hair, long hair, clean cut and any other styles. However, you might not get a good impression if they can see that you are someone who is already losing some hair. There is a difference between a man who shaved all his hair and a man in a baldness process.

3. Teeth

I am not generalizing all the girls out there, but some of them easily get turned off if they can see that you haven’t taken good care of your teeth. Sad to say, that it is not just the hygiene. If your teeth are not aligned the way it should be, some women will feel awkward when you talk to them.

These are the top three features in men that are usually noticed first by women. Trust me. Once they look at these three, they already imagine a hundred things on the back of their minds.

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