Dumped? Tips for Surviving the Ultimate Relationship Fall

It happens.Relationships are fragile things that break for many different reasons.The main thing for you to remember is that if this one didn’t work out, it was for a reason – and that reason is probably that you were not meant to be together.It’s far better that you find that out now rather than somewhere down the road.

Whether it’s only been a short-term relationship, or one that’s lasted more years than you want to count right now, it’s still better that a relationship that’s no longer going anywhere ends and allows you to find someone else who will appreciate you more than your ex has.

Don’t look to place blame.Accept that the relationship has ended because it wasn’t going to work.It may hurt because you’re ex partner found someone else, or that they just don’t see any future with you, but the more time you invest in a relationship that’s not going anywhere, the more time you waste.Even if your ex partner has treated you badly, they’ve done you a favor because now you are free to find someone with whom you can have a future.

Objectively consider the reasons why the relationship didn’t work.If you think that you should have done things differently resolve to change this when you start a relationship with a new partner.Don’t make the same mistakes – even if your only mistake was to be too trusting!

Pamper yourself!Your heart and ego have been bruised in this relationship fall and so you need to administer some tender loving care on them.What raises your spirits?How about some beauty treatments or a makeover?Spend a weekend pursuing an extreme sport you’ve longed to try but didn’t have the opportunity because your ex partner wasn’t interested.Buy yourself something to cheer yourself up.Spend time doing things that you enjoy, especially any that you didn’t do while you were in the relationship with your now ex.

Don’t allow being dumped be an excuse to turn into a recluse.This ex partner didn’t want you.That means he wasn’t worthy of you.You did nothing that necessitates you hiding yourself away!Get out and socialize.Call up friends that you’ve lost contact with, go out and celebrate your new life as a single person!Being single isn’t a crime, it can even help you re-center your life and rediscover things about yourself that you’d forgotten whilst you were busy being half of a couple!

Take time before getting into another relationship.Even if you accept and let go all of the emotion tied up with the broken relationship, you still need to wait a little before getting into a new one.Don’t hook up with the first person who catches your eye.Rebound relationships can work but are usually destined for failure.Set yourself up for relationship success by giving yourself some breathing space as a single person again before putting yourself back into the dating arena.

Being dumped is a bad experience, and often you don’t have any influence over the situation, but what you can influence is your reaction to it.Your ex walked away from your life, don’t let him take that life with him – live it to the full yourself!

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