Do you REALLY Want to be a Princess?

There’s been a lot of hype around the newest royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. In the past, there were very strict and rigid rules in place forbidding royalty to ever marry a Commoner. Royal marriages were arranged, and very rarely, was any love involved. The royal couples married and interacted enough to try to produce offspring so there would be true heirs to the throne.

Divorce was unheard of in royal families and, typically, these couples simply went about their separate lives, appearing as a couple when public events were necessary.

You can see the result of such a rather cold existence in the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer, the Duchess of Wales. It was obvious to everyone that Diana was very much in love with her Prince. It’s a shame that he was in love with someone else that he couldn’t have. Had he been allowed to marry the woman of his choosing, things may have turned out quite different.

As for William and Kate, they’ve been together for the better part of 10 years and seem to actually be very much in love with each other. In addition, Kate is 10 years older than Diana was when she married into the royal family and is most likely more well equipped to deal with the pressures that come with being a Duchess and possible future Queen. She seems to be very happy in her new role.

It makes you wonder if she dreamed of growing up to marry a real prince when she was child. This is not an uncommon fantasy. Many little girls pretend that they’re marrying a prince or a king when they’re quite young. They fully believe that nothing else in the world could be as wonderful. However, they might be wrong.

As the wife of Prince William, Kate will never have another truly private moment in her life. Everyone will be watching her to see how she dresses, behaves, walks, wears her hair, and of course, they’ll all be watching her stomach with high anticipation of a new heir or heiress. Everything that Kate does from now on will be scrutinized, praised, criticized and copied. Rumors will start to fly of trouble in paradise with William as well as those of infidelity. These will happen regardless of their validity or not.

Kate may have her handsome Prince and she may truly love him, but in the end, will the pressure of so much public attention erode that love? It’s certainly happened with other royal couples that were lucky enough to marry for love. Of course, Kate will also be answering to the Queen of England so it’s going to be necessary that she dots all her i’s and crosses all of her t’s or she’ll find herself being called on the carpet.

In the end, it probably takes a special personality to live the life of royalty. You must be strong and willing to give up a lot of yourself in the process. Being a princess or a duchess can be hard. Knowing all of this, would you still want to marry a real prince?

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