The 3 Features That Women Are Looking for In a Man

Let us all be honest with ourselves ladies. Whenever we see a guy, we always check them out based on their physical appearance. It is normal. It is what we see, so we can’t help but notice. Here’s the question. What are the features that are important to women? Let’s check out the features of the men that the ladies can’t help but look.

1. Penis

I am trying, to be honest in here. Come on ladies. Let us not deny the facts that we look into this feature. For some girls, they would say that size matters, but for the others, it is the performance that can make the difference. Whatever reasons there are, one thing is for sure. They check it out.

2. Hair

Women look for the hair of guy because, in the back of their minds, they are already thinking about their preference. It depends on the girl but some like short hair, long hair, clean cut and any other styles. However, you might not get a good impression if they can see that you are someone who is already losing some hair. There is a difference between a man who shaved all his hair and a man in a baldness process.

3. Teeth

I am not generalizing all the girls out there, but some of them easily get turned off if they can see that you haven’t taken good care of your teeth. Sad to say, that it is not just the hygiene. If your teeth are not aligned the way it should be, some women will feel awkward when you talk to them.

These are the top three features in men that are usually noticed first by women. Trust me. Once they look at these three, they already imagine a hundred things on the back of their minds.

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