The 3 Signs That Will Tell If You Are on a Rebound Relationship

People suffer from break-ups. Some of us even take it the hard way. We cannot blame them because they are feeling hurt. There are even instances that we seek a new relationship for us to get through the pain we are feeling. We all know that being a rebound is not a good thing. Here are some signs that will tell us if we are currently in a rebound kind of relationship.

1. Your partner just recently had a breakup

It is not a one hundred percent sure sign because we still have to give the benefit of the doubt. It’s just that, more often than not people who are hurt have the tendency to go in a new relationship for all the wrong reasons. It’s because they want to get even.

2. Unlimited ex-call-out

If the person you are in a relationship with tells you about his past, it is a good thing because he or she is open to you. What’s bad, is if they cannot stop themselves from mentioning the name of their ex. You will feel that you are there so he can vent out. If you can notice this, it’s time to talk things out, because he or she might have just indulged in an immature relationship just for the sake of vengeance.

3. Too eager in posting pictures of you on social media

Uploading sweet pictures on the different social media applications can be a nice gesture. However, if it is overdone, he or she may have a different purpose for it. It could be that they are still bitter about what happened to the past relationship and just desperately wants to show everyone that they are okay.

Be cautious if you can notice these three signs. Being a rebound is something that can hurt you. It is better to stay away and just wait for the right time once they have moved on.

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